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I would like to thank all the scholars and technicians who have proved to be valuable and available in the realization of the various works: Local history scholars: Raffaele Bigi, Elio Colleluori, Mario Costantini, Francesco D'Andrea, Ettore Dragani, Mauro Pasqua, Mario Giunco, Lucio Taraborrelli Numismatists: Cesare Costantini, Emidio D’Ilario, Fabio Gigante, Vittorio Kuckiewicz, Domenico Spinosi, Giuseppe Tafuri Superintendents: Mario Pagano Linguists of medieval Latin: Antonio Di Felice Linguists of medieval and contemporary Arabic: Aicha Lakrakche The associations: Archeoclub de L'Aquila, Archeoclub of Chieti, Archeoclub of Guardiagrele, Archeoclub of Ortona, Archeoclub of Penne, Archeoclub of Sulmona A special thanks goes to all Italian and foreign collectors for their documentary contribution and to the users of the website and forum for the availability shown.

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